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Local knowledge meets cacao expertise

At Twenty Degrees, we pride ourselves on being a nimble and entrepreneurial team, with a passion for changing the way people think about premium cacao. As part of the ofi family, the leading originator of cocoa beans, we have unrivalled access to cacao terroirs around the globe. We’re able to leverage the group’s knowledge and scientific expertise, as well as access cutting-edge technology and significant efficiencies in scale. Learn more about ofi Cocoa here

Championing taste and quality through creating positive partnerships

Everything we do brings mutual value to our farming partners and to our customers. We strive to perfect each step of the process, to bring you the highest quality beans with the greatest possible positive impact. This starts with having our own people on the ground at origin, strengthening our relationships with farmers. Through our partnerships with farmers and chocolate makers, we’re able to identify beans with potential and optimise these sensory profiles to bring the most premium beans to market.


Technology brings Direct Trade to life

Our presence at origin means that we can provide full traceability and transparency. Our local teams use GPS to polygon map all the farmers who produce the beans in our specialty portfolio and we use the latest digital technology to collect key data points on the terroirs, farms and farmers. This information is uploaded onto our web portal which allows chocolate makers to get to know the farmers whilst providing our agronomists with the data they need to develop customized training programmes for each farmer.

Experts in cacao

We’ve brought together an elite team encompassing every aspect of cacao. From taste and flavour, to sustainability and supply chain, we apply this knowledge along the supply chain.

Meet our experts

Primrose Najjemba
Sustainability Coordinator, Kampala, Uganda

3.5 years working in Crop science and Sustainable project management

"Sustainability is a differentiator for most remote regions. It better educates people to make informed decisions and economically viable investments, improving livelihoods while preserving landscapes."

Dr Imam Suharto
Head of Sustainability, Jakarta, Indonesia

30 years working in Sustainability development and Program Management

"Professional sustainable practices have a significant impact on the entire food supply chains. Food is a fundamental human right globally. No matter where you are living, food must always be accessible for everyone."

Paula Rueda
Sustainability Manager, Guayaquil, Ecuador

19 years working in Agricultural production and Rural development

"Cocoa positively impacts communities and their development. It can be a long-term source of income for families, generating diverse production systems, and can increase and protect local biodiversity."

Shekhar Dwivedi
Sustainability Manager Lae, Papua New Guinea

14 years working in Cocoa Sustainability and Community Projects

"Sustainable programs assist in capacity building through training on climate smart agriculture, GAP, Social and Environmental practices, financial literacy, record keeping, and traceability. Over time these interventions translate into improved income."

Dr Pierre Broun
Head of Plant Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

25 years working in Plant Science and Cocoa Agro-ecology

"I love cocoa for the way it resonates with people, through chocolate and other foods they love. Being a plant scientist, I am also passionate about helping cocoa farmers improve their livelihoods though better practices and the production of a high quality cocoa bean."

Leo Palmer Trade and Origination,
London, UK

9 years in Supply chain management and Sustainability

"We know our customers want to connect directly with the farmers who produce their cacao. That’s why we involve them at every step of the journey to help them find their perfect beans, whether its beans with a special story or a unique sensory profile, we want to work together to create positive and sustainable partnerships."

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Spices, coffee, creamy, nutty
Seram Island, The Moluccas
Floral aroma, white wine,
dried fruits
Bella Aurora, Esmeraldas
Fresh fruit, floral, smooth
and balanced
Masule, Bundibugyo

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