We’re passionate about cacao. Where it’s grown, how it’s grown and who’s growing it.

We invest in building partnerships with farmers in both the established and undiscovered terroirs of the Cocoa Belt, the narrow zone that lies between 20°N and 20°S of the Equator. These degrees of latitude, where we source uniquely flavoured cacao, are also the inspiration for our name.
Using cutting edge technology we are able to provide total transparency of supply chain ensuring we can create mutual benefit for growers and customers alike. The dedication and expertise of our local teams enables us to bring the most interesting and flavourful cacao stories to life.

We are discoverers of taste and quality

From unlocking new and remote territories to discovering fresh terroirs in established growing regions, we use our unique reach and expertise to uncover premium beans with a rich complexity of taste and quality. We have bases in all of the best known and most interesting areas where cocoa is found, and draw on farming partners’ years of local knowledge to help you understand the stories behind all of our cacao.

Sustainability and specialty cacao

Sustainable development is key to long term growth in remote regions, where people are often living below the poverty line, dependent on agriculture. Addressing social and environmental factors can help develop links and create partnerships across supply chains, directly from farmer to customer, and start to address systemic issues like education, capital access, and effects of climate change. It creates opportunities for rural communities to evolve to operate within agile business models, and we help them understand how to respond to rapidly changing conditions.

Investing in partnerships

Our efficiencies of scale mean that when we work with farmers, we can offer them support via investment into infrastructure, sustainable farming and research, and still be able to pay farmers a premium for their beans. Our customers get full traceability and transparency, at competitive prices, with no compromise to the farmer price.


Innovation and research

We examine each cacao’s specific characteristics and sensory profile, developing protocols for growing, harvesting, drying and fermenting to ensure we’re extracting maximum flavour. We verify our findings with a broad panel of external experts as well as our inhouse teams, then share these learnings with the farmers. This cycle of continuous improvement is further refined by our agronomists, who work directly with the farmers to establish and promote sustainable farming practices, helping to preserve the environment, manage water use, and improve yields.

Discover, Provenance, Flavour and Quality

Indonesia, Maluku

Seram Island Cacao

A small island in Indonesia’s Maluku province is one of the most
remote cacao terroirs in the world…
Fresh fruit, floral, smooth
and balanced
Floral aroma, white wine,
dried fruits

Let us help you find
your perfect cacao beans

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