Hacienda Victoria

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Hacienda Victoria combines the heritage Nacional genotype with cutting-edge agricultural techniques to produce one of the world’s finest cacaos.

Sensory breakdown

From one of Ecuador’s best-known plantations, these beans are renowned for their superior and consistent sensory profile. The sweet floral flavour is maximised through exemplary care and attention from seed selection all the way to fermentation.

We follow Cocoa of Excellence’s flavour guidelines. A description of the terminologies used can be found below.

Cocoa: Typical flavour of well-fermented, roasted cacao beans.

Acidity: Perception of acidity that can be found in citric or other fruit acids.

Bitterness: Typically perceived in caffeine, coffee, kola nut, some beers and grapefruits.

Astringency: Perception of astringency that can be perceived as a velvety sensation on the sides of mouth and tongue. Typical of tannins in some wines or beers. Can also be perceived between tongue and palate and/or at the back of the front teeth and inside lips and gums. Typical of raw nut skins and green banana skins.

Sweet: The characteristic sweet flavour that can be found in white sugar, browned sugar, panela, honey and caramel.

Fresh Fruit: A catch-all term to capture the flavour that can be found in citrus, tropical and stone fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, acai, lemon, pineapple, mango, apricot and banana.

Browned Fruit: Typical of dried fruit such as dried apricot, banana, yellow raisin and fig. Covers brown and dark fruits such as prunes, dates, plums and dark cherry.

Nutty: Typical of hazelnut, macadamia, pecan, walnut, cashew, almond and brazil nut.

Floral: The floral flavour attributes typical of freshly cut grass, young green leaves, herbs like thyme and rosemary, jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, lilac, lilies etc.

Woody: Typically associated with the aromatic properties of freshly cut wood, both light woods such as ash, beach and maple and dark woods such as oak, walnut and teak.

Spice: Typical of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, liquorice, tonka, vanilla, black pepper and dried tobacco.

Smoky: The flavour associated with a smoky aroma such as those given off when burning charcoal and wood chip.

The Provenance

Tucked away between the gentle hills of the Guayas, located near the Ecuadorian coast in Cerecita, this single-estate manages each part of production process, from seed selection to post-harvest practices, to the highest possible standard.
Hacienda Victoria is a family business, and they are committed to social responsibility, with strong links to the local community. They work with agronomists to ensure their trees are healthy and consult environmental experts on best practices such as modern irrigation techniques to conserve water. Hacienda Victoria’s beans are sought out by chefs and chocolatiers throughout the world and have been used in many award-winning products.

Our Process

The Farmers

Sourced from a single estate



Genetic Variety – Nacional
Bean Count – 81
Bean Weight – 123
Mould – 0.33%
Infestation – 0.00%
Slate – 0.67%
Violet – 24.67%
Moisture – 6.70%
Flat Beans – 0.18%
Foreign Material – 0.11%
Clusters – 0.00%
Broken Beans – 0.32%
Cocoa Fragments – 0.15%
Cocoa Sievings – 0.05%
Cadmium Level (ppm) – 0.427
Cocoa Butter – 52.80%

Type – Cabuya Bags
Net Weight – 69 kg
Gross Weight – 69.5 kg

Discover flavour and quality

Spices, coffee, creamy, nutty
Seram Island, The Moluccas
Floral aroma, white wine,
dried fruits
Santa Rosa, Esmeraldas
Fresh fruit, floral, smooth
and balanced
Masule, Bundibugyo
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